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WUC 2010: SQL Report: Tips and Tricks

SQL Reports are handy and powerful tools for bringing dynamic content to your websites from databases (especially MySQL) outside of WebGUI. Complex web features, that you might normally write a script to create, can sometimes be achieved with creative combinations of the SQL Report template variables and MySQL's functions. This presentation will walk through several examples of how the U of M Law School has used SQL Reports to solve specific problems. Its goal is to help demystify SQL Reports for novice users, while providing new ideas for more experienced users.

Presented by Dale Trexel.  Dale has been working with WebGUI for the University of Minnesota Law School since 2005, when the Law School was running WebGUI 5.4. His job is a mix of web programming, design, content management, and training. On the side, he also volunteers for Sofawolf Press as an editor and layout designer, and recently he has undertaken the task of giving the press website a complete overhaul while migrating it to WebGUI.

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Date: 3/11/2011 12:17 pm
Presenter: Dale Trexel
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