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WUC 2009: Internationalization

In this session, three matters of importance are discussed with regards to internationalization.

1. Handling your multilingual content - How to set up your site so it is easy to switch between content of two or more languages. This mainly covers page tree setup and switching options.

2. WebGUI language - Mostly, when your users are logged in they prefer their native language. But especially the Visitor user might want to change within a session. And you don't want to scare visitors to register, and be able to offer them the WebGUI information and links in their language.

Of course you can solve this problem with templating for extra languages, which is hard to maintain in comparison to i18n. Changing the language in the session is definitely a preferred option.

3. Help the community by translating WebGUI.

User: kristi
Date: 2/22/2010 1:29 pm
Presenter: Bart Jol
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