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WUC 2010: Hidden Secrets of WebGUI

WebGUI is an enterprise-class CMS that boasts a worldwide user base and 1.4 million lines of code. As a result of 10 years of active development and one of the largest collections of integrated applications, few people truly know the full extent of the software. There are many undocumented, unexplored and little known features and surprises. Come learn new tricks and share some of your own.

Presented by William McKee. As a veteran Web developer, William enjoys applying Web technologies to solve business challenges. He combines a background in Web development with the business knowledge needed to create successful Web strategies that align with business goals. As a partner in Knowmad Technologies, he has been using WebGUI for over four years to design & develop custom websites.

User: kristi
Date: 4/20/2011 2:38 pm
Presenter: William McKee
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