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WebGUI contains many features that allow you to create dynamic and personalized user experiences. Hover your mouse over the images to see some of these features in action.

Content Profiling

Content profiling allows you to create the most dynamic site possible. Through the use of passive profiling, WebGUI is capable of recognizing user viewing habits and dynamically generating items of interest with very little action required of the user. 

Content profiling allows you to: 

  • easily add global metadata fields to be used on assets throughout your site.
  • profile content and site users to dynamically display items of interest.
  • enhance search engine visibility.
  • use metadata as template variables.

Viewing Privileges

WebGUI allows you to establish groups of users. Those groups can then be given viewing privileges to individual content applications. In addition, WebGUI can also dynamically generate user privileges based on IP address, how often users interact with the site, opt ins, and even what links the user has clicked on. Groups can also be tied to LDAP and Database queries to dynamically add users to groups based upon security in other systems or user profiling and more. This allows the entire browsing experience to be interactive.

Navigation Privileges

Like viewing privileges, navigation is dynamically displayed according to user viewing privileges. Restricted areas of the site aren't displayed in the navigation, so the user doesn't have to encounter "access denied" messages. However, WebGUI is flexible enough that it will allow you to display pages that the user doesn't have privileges to if you would like to show them an access denied message, and give them an option to log in with an account that does have the needed privileges.


Dashboards allow site administrators to set up a menu of content, derived from shortcuts of existing site content, that users may then arrange on their own personal dashboard. Content is easily added and removed from a user's dashboard through drag and drop positioning, and can be placed anywhere on the dashboard the user wishes. Users can personalize their view of content, while content maintenance is kept simple.
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