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A flash player for WebGUI

User arjan
Date 4/12/2008 8:32 am
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Dear all,

United Knowledge needed a flash player like this one
in WebGUI. It presents photos as a slideshow and you can add text and
sounds to these photo's. You can find a lot of them on the Internet, but
we couldn't find one under the GPL, so that it could become part of the
WebGUI distribution. Therefore we wanted to build one.

Earlier we've posted proposed specs of such a flash player for WebGUI to
the dev-list. Since then these have changed only a little bit, and we
had it build. The specs that this player is build against are attached.

In short: the flash-application reads an XML file that could be
generated by WebGUI. In the XML file it finds the locations of the
images, it's thumbs and the description and title of every image. There
is also a configuration XML file, for the general configuration of the

You can see a demo of the player here:

The source is attached (, but you
can also check it out from svn:

svn checkout .

You can also browse the svn here:

I haven't implemented this player in WebGUI myself yet. But I'm going
to, after the weekend. (No need to email me questions earlier than
that.) We're testing for a full week and you are welcome to join us.
Later next week I'll write a short tutorial about how to use this in
WebGUI or perhaps just make a package of it, so you can import it.

A final version can be expected by the 28th of April.

Kind regards,

Arjan Widlak

P.S. I've send this email earlier, yesterday at 1:10 my time, to webguidev at plainblack dot com, but apparently it wasn't received.

United Knowledge
Internet for the public sector

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Arjan, I think the flash player is awesome!

If this could be included in WebGUI, it would make WebGUI the only open source CMS on the market that would have a free and extensible flash player embedded. I wonder how much attention that would drive to WebGUI.

Koen de Jonge - ProcoliX
Hosting - WebGUI - Virtualization

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