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Bookmark and Share · By: snapcount is a technology blog written by me, Roy Johnson.  I cover topics such as Perl, the WebGUI content management system and application framework, MySQL, Apache, ModPerl2 and occasionally some other technologies that have grabbed my interest that week.  I work professionally as an IT Manager but have a long standing background in programming and systems administration.

All of my open source work has been done on WebGUI.  I was a volunteer contributor for a while and eventually worked for Plain Black  as a core developer and the community manager.  I did a lot of work on the WebGUI Runtime Environment (WRE), Event Management System Wobject, and the Test framework.  At the 2006 WebGUI User's conference I gave talks on Perl programming, the WRE, How to write WebGUI utility scripts, and How to participate in the WebGUI community.  Although I no longer work for Plain Black, I am still a strong proponent of WebGUI and the people and organizations that make up the WebGUI community.

The purpose of is to provide high quality, FREE (like freedom AND like beer) information on technologies that people care about.  To that end, you can submit article ideas in the RFA (Request for Article) forum. If it's something I feel I can write intelligently about that people are interested in then I'll do so.  Pretty simple eh?


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