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Republic of Croatia · By: tavis.parker

"WWW.HR - Croatian Homepage" is a project funded by Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet, developed at the Department of Telecommunications of Faculty of electrical engineering and computing (FER), University of Zagreb . This project offers two basic services:

  • Homepage of the Republic of Croatia , with basic information about Croatia,
  • CARNet's official directory of Croatian's WWW servers.

Together with the maintenance work on the project, every year significant content and technological enhancements, defined in the contract between CARNet and FER.

The project was started at the Department of Telecommunications out of the enthusiasm of several assistants on February 12th 1994. At the beginning of May 1996. WWW.HR becomes a CARNet funded project and is lead by Prof. Ignac Lovrek, Ph.D.

From May 2000. untill Septemeber 2003. project is led by Ass. Prof. Maja Matijasevic, Ph.D.

Since October 2003. Gordan Gledec, Ph.D. is leading the project. Igor Ljubi, M.Sc. is an associate on this project.

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