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Why Join WebGUI Worldwide?

Do you want to join WebGUI Worldwide? Excellent, we're always interested in adding new members. But before you can join W3, we need to get the requirements and rules out of the way.

  • Your own hosting space capable of running WebGUI.
  • You always need to be running at least the latest stable version of WebGUI. (If possible, we prefer the latest beta.)
  • You must have the Cache::FileCache Perl module installed.
  • You must install the W3 navigation macro.
  • The W3 navigation must be visible above the fold (above the point where the page starts to scroll on an 800x600 screen) on every page in your site.
  • You must provide a message board in the language that you choose to support that is freely available to all users.
  • The free resources on your site must never compete with any other site in the W3 network. This means that you cannot provide free resources in Chinese on your site if your specified language is German. This is to ensure that each site has unique content and is specifically focused on one audience.
  • Your site will be listed on every membership site in the network.
  • Promote your products and services (beyond the free community).
  • Get access to the W3 mailing list along with full voting rights to help mold the network.
If you can comply with all of the above then you can join W3. To apply to W3 simply fill out the application form.