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Spectre Config

The spectre.conf is used to tell Spectre how to communicate with WebGUI, and also how Spectre should perform its functions.



This directive tells Spectre what IP to bind to.


"ip" : "",



This directive tells Spectre what port to bind to. This together with the IP will be what WebGUI will use to communicate with Spectre.


"port" : 32133,



The maxWorkers directive tells spectre how many workflows it may attempt to run simultaneously. Most workflow activities run very quickly, so spectre may end up running them only one at a time, but if you have some long running workflow activities then you may reach this limit. You want to configure this high enough that Spectre can get all of it's work done in a reasonable amount of time, but not so high that it overwhelms WebGUI. A setting between 3 and 7 is recommended.


"maxWorkers" : 3,



This directive determines how long (in seconds) Spectre should wait between starting workflow activities. This should normally be 1 or 2 seconds. A setting of 0 could end up with a denial of service to WebGUI depending upon how many workers you have configured, and a setting of much more than two may mean that Spectre gets backlogged with tasks if the server is busy.


"timeBetweenRunningWorkflows" : 2,



When a workflow activity returns “error” or “waiting” Spectre suspends that workflow for a time waiting for the error to clear itself up, or for the whatever the workflow is waiting on to happen. This directive determines how long those workflows should be suspended. Generally speaking this should be no lower than 60 and no higher than 300.


"suspensionDelay" : 60,



This directive tells Spectre what port to connect to WebGUI on.


"webguiPort" : 80,



If your server uses a proxy to gain access to the Internet, but WebGUI is located on your local network, then you should set this to 1 so that Spectre doesn't attempt to use the proxy to connect to WebGUI.


"ignoreEnvProxy" : 0

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