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If you didn’t get enough information in this book, never fear, there are many other sources of information about WebGUI out there.


Commercial Offerings

Plain Black Corporation provides a full line of commercial products and services to ensure your success with WebGUI. There are several other books just like this one available with other audience focuses. We also provide training, hosting, professional services, and a whole line of support options. Check out all these offerings at:


Web Sites

There are lots of free web resources out there to help you achieve success. Here is a short list of web sites that are there to help: - Get all sorts of information about what WebGUI is and why everyone should be using it. And community support. - Let the world know why WebGUI is what they should be using. Also see what other users have done to get the word out. - Download the latest version of WebGUI, the WebGUI Runtime Environment, and get the latest security advisories. – Browse the Plain Black download mirror of WebGUI directly to find old versions of WebGUI. – The place to find community documentation and tips. - Browse the WebGUI code repository to see what new features are being added, and bugs have been fixed, before the official release comes out. – A list of all the known WebGUI related sites around the world. - Help work on WebGUI user interface translations, and get the latest translations before they are made publicly available. Also known as - Try out the latest beta of WebGUI, try to replicate a bug on a known working system, or just play around with a feature you’re not sure enough in a failsafe play area.


IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

If you like instant gratification, join our IRC channel at:

url: irc:// 


room: webgui

Join us on the channel, get some advice, and then stick around to help others out with your new found knowledge. That’s what community is all about!

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