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WebGUI has a basic graphics subsystem which can be used to draw things like charts and graphs. In the future it will be able to do much more, including photo manipulation.


Under Admin Console > Graphics you'll see a screen like the one above. From there you can manage either palettes or fonts.



If you click on “Manage palettes” you'll see a screen like the following:



A palette is a grouping of colors. In WebGUI palettes are used to choose what colors go into a chart, like the charts you find in the Poll asset. The default palette is a bunch of bright colors like this:



However, you can easily define your own palette to match the colors on your site. Let's say your site is about how you like autumn and the colors changing on the trees at that time. So any polls you create you'd of course want to match that color palette. Start by clicking “Add a new palette” from the manage palettes screen. And give your palette a name.



Now you can add colors to your palette. Give the color a name.

Then choose the fill color. The fill color is the primary color of the surface of the graph element. Along with the color you can pick the transparency of that color. All the way from opaque to completely transparent. Transparency can provide a neat effect, particularly in 3D graphs.

Now you can choose the stroke color. The stroke color is the color the borders or outline of the chart element will be drawn in. We recommend making this either completely opaque, or slightly less transparent than the color itself. Or if the color is completely opaque, then choose a color that has the same hue, but is slightly darker. It really makes the drawn elements pop off the screen.



Keep filling in colors until you have a palette of six to eight colors.




Fonts are used when drawing text onto an image. WebGUI comes with one built in font, which is a very basic legible, but otherwise bland, san-serif font.



You can add your own fonts for a little extra pizzazz. Click on “Add a new font”. Then give the font a name, this is what will appear in forms when you choose a font. And then specify a font from your hard drive. WebGUI supports TrueType® and FreeType fonts.



End Result

It takes a bit of effort to pick all your colors and choose just the right font. But when you're done, it's very worth it. Because you can create exactly what you want.


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