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Clearing WebGUI Cache

In this book, and in various utilities within WebGUI you'll be asked to clear your cache once in a while. That's usually because your cache has been poisoned by some manual change that you've just done. A poison cache can wreak havoc on WebGUI, and can even cause database corruption, so when you're asked to clear the cache, make sure you do it.

Cache can be cleared in one of two ways. The fastest way to clear the cache is manually from the command line. But the easiest way is to do it through the WebGUI user interface. We'll show you both.


The User Interface

To clear the cache through the WebGUI user interface go to Admin Console > Cache. You'll be presented with a screen that looks like this:



To clear the cache, simply click on the “Clear Cache” button.

You might say to yourself, “That was both easy and fast.” You'd be right in most cases. If you're using the FileCache backend and you have a large site, you might find that it takes a really long time for this screen to be displayed, or it may never show up. That means you've outgrown the FileCache backend, and need to upgrade to the Database cache backend. See the WebGUI Config File chapter for how to change cache backends.


From the Command Line

You can also clear the WebGUI cache from the command line. However, to do this you need to know which type of cache backend your site(s) are using. Note that each site might be using something different. Look in your config file for the “cacheType” directive to find out which kind of cache each site is using.



To clear the FileCache backend you should run this command:


rm -Rf /tmp/WebGUICache


On Microsoft® Windows® you'll run tis command:


deltree c:\temp\WebGUICache


Note that the FileCache module allows you to specify a new cache location. Look for “fileCacheRoot” in your config file to see if it has been altered.

If you want to delete the cache just for a specific site, then you'd want to do the same command, but append the config file name to the end of it like this:


rm -Rf /tmp/WebGUICache/



If you're using the Database cache backend then you can clear you cache with this commands:


mysql -uUSER -pPASS www_example_com
delete from cache;


Be sure to get your username, password, and database name from your WebGUI config file.

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