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The advertising module in WebGUI gives you an easy way to put advertisements into a rotation on your web site. You may be thinking to yourself, “Why is that useful? I get the code from my ad partner and put it into my HTML. I don't need no stinking advertising system.” You're only half right if that's what you're thinking. Depending upon what your site is about, you may be able to make more money by selling ads directly to advertisers. In addition, you may be able to make more money by using more than one ad network. Using the ad system allows you to distribute ads for multiple ad networks in the same space, and allows you to throw in your own advertisements as well.

Beyond selling advertising on your site, have you ever thought about how you could use the popular areas of your site to increase awareness of the newer or less frequented areas of your site? You can do this too using the ad management system. Instead of placing advertisements, you're placing your own site elements into the rotation. You can see this in use on the front page of



Creating Ad Spaces

An Ad space is a placeholder for where you will put advertisements. With it you can define the size of ads allowed, and where they are placed on your site.


To create an ad space go to Admin Console > Advertising. Then choose “Add ad space.” on the right side.


Give a name, title and description to your ad space. These can each be anything you want them to be, but the name should be unique amongst all ad spaces defined on your system.



You can also define how large of an ad space this will be. The ad system will enforce this so that ads can't disrupt the look and feel of your site even if someone ads and ad that is too big for the ad space.



Hit save when you're done editing this new ad space. You'll now see a box appear that shows you how to use the ad space.



You'll note that an ad space is placed using nothing more than a macro. It takes the form of ^AdSpace(ad space name);. You can define as many ad spaces as you want on a site, and place as many as you want into a given page. Normally you'd place the AdSpace into a style template.


Create Ads

Now that we have an ad space, let's create an ad. From the ad space screen click on “Add an ad.”

Enable the ad. You can disable the ad if you ever want to stop running it, but don't wish to delete it.



Then fill in the title. The title is displayed in text ads, and is used as the alt text in image based ads.



Now fill in the URL. This is where the user will be directed to if they click on text based or image based ads.



If you wish you can set the priority of the ad. The closer the priority is to 0 the more often the ad will be displayed. This is not an exact ratio, but rather a scaling mechanism. The more impressions per minute your site displays the larger the impact of the scale. If your site only displays one impression per minute, then priority will have no effect.



Now enter the number of impressions or clicks to be displayed for this ad. The ad will only be displayed that number of clicks or impressions. If you want the ad to run indefinitely then enter 999999999 clicks. Note that you can only use impressions as a counter for rich media ads.



Finally, choose the type of ad that you wish to display. You can choose from text, image, and rich media ads.


Text Ads

Text based ads generate the ad using just text and a simple color palette. First enter the text of the add, which will appear under the title. Then pick the colors you'd like the ad to use.



Image Ads

Image based ads are the more traditional banner ads that you see around the world wide web. If you selected image based ad then you can upload an image to use here.



Rich Media Ads

Rich Media ads are ads that allow you to place HTML tags in them. Using this you can make ads from complex HTML, video files, or flash movies. Simply place the HTML into the rich media field.



Viewing Ads

If you edit an ad space after you've defined ads you'll see a list of the ads assigned to this ad space.



If you edit one of those ads, you'll be able to see how many impressions and clicks it's had.


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