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  • Content Handlers
    Content handlers give you an easy way to add your own functionality to WebGUI without having to incur the complexity of assets and URL handlers. Content handlers are given a WebGUI session, so you don't even need to set that up. Content handlers, equal to macros, are the easiest plugin you can write for WebGUI.
  • The WebGUI API
    All software needs documentation, and WebGUI is no exception. WebGUI has excellent API documentation available. The point of this chapter isn't to describe how to do things with the WebGUI API, but rather to describe where to find its documentation, how to access that documentation, and how to install Perl modules via CPAN to facilitate custom development work. If you'd prefer browsing the API docs in a web browser, you can access the documentation online or generate the HTML documentation yourself.
  • URL Handlers
    WebGUI URL handlers serve the same purpose as a mod_perl handler in Apache. They allow you to attach some arbitrary functionality at a specific URL. For example, you can set up some code to apply WebGUI privileges to a filesystem folder full of files, or you can write a handler that will process SOAP requests using WebGUI's data, without going through WebGUI's normal request cycle.
  • Utility Scripts
    A utility script is anything outside of the main web interface that uses WebGUI's API. With most other extensible places controlled by WebGUI from the outside, utility scripts control the flow of execution for themselves.
  • Writing Shipping Drivers
  • Writing SKUs
    This chapter shows how to write SKUs, subclasses of WebGUI::Asset::Sku, which are assets that tie into the WebGUI Shop. Creating your own SKUs provides your customers a custom shopping experience.
  • Writing Wobjects
    Wobject is short for web object and serves as the plugin type for creating custom applications for your site in WebGUI. Because wobjects are both pluggable and true objects, the possibilities of what you can do are nearly limitless. Applications as simple as a guest book and as complex as complete Human Resources Information Systems have been created for WebGUI. The only limiting factor when it comes to what you can accomplish with wobjects is you.
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