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Event Management System

The Event Manager is useful for selling admission to a convention or similar event. The Event Manager allows you to sell badges to an event, create tickets for admission to individual events taking place at the main event, create ribbons to redeem at the event for discounts, and create tokens to use as currency at the event.

Badges are used to purchase admission to an event. Once a badge is created, additional tickets to individual events being held at this main event can be created. So, you may have a conference (the badge), and at the conference there may be special workshops or presentations that require additional admission (tickets).

Tickets are used to sell admission to individual events within a badge. For example, you might have a main event (badge), and at the event are a number of special speakers for which you need to charge admission. In addition, those speakers' presentations may have limited seating. Tickets allow you to sell a limited number of seats to a specific presentation.

Ribbons allow discounts to be applied to tickets. A ribbon is created, and then associated with tickets. When tickets and a
corresponding ribbon are placed in the registrant's shopping cart, the ribbon's discount will be applied to the price of the tickets.

Tokens can also be purchased at the time of registration. Tokens act like event currency. You could sell tokens during the online registration process, and event attendees can receive the tokens they purchased on the day of the event. Then, they could use those tokens to purchase items at the event. Generally, tokens are physical items that are treated like currency at an event, so the event staff would be responsible for dispensing tokens to event attendees.

At the event, event staff will be allowed to manage registrants for the purpose of checking them in, refunding purchases, adding additional events, or printing badges.

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