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Metadata fields can obly be filled by Admins  (#12259)

Up to 7.9.34 I've been using the Admin user or any member of the Admins group to set up several metadata fields for Assets. Those fields have been filled by regular Content Manager users through the Metadata tab for Assets.

After upgrading to 7.10.22 (and 7.10.23) the metadata fields are still there according to the Admin Panel, but only Admin users can fill them in the Metadata tab for Assets.

Maybe something changed in the way of permissions, but there's no mention of it in gotcha.txt and I couldn't find anything obvious through the Admin Panel.

9/28/2011 5:43 pm
I looked at the definition of the metadata field in the Admin Console and noticed there is a new field that sets which assets can use the given metadata field. There was no asset selected so that explains why they stopped showing up. Once the fields were set to be available in Article and Story, things started working fine again.

I think having the metadata field be disabled by default for all Assets after the upgrade and having the Admin enable them in a case by case basis is a good choice, but then there should be a note in gotcha.txt explaining that.
10/6/2011 11:01 am
More findings on this issue.

After enabling metadata fields for Article, *new* content has been working fine, meaning metadata fields show in the Metadata tab and can be edited as usual.

Howver, many old Articles that had Metadata before the upgrade, do not show their *values* in the Metadata tab. After investigating in the database, I found out that the MetaData fields for that Article are there in metaData_values with the correct assetId linkage, but has revisionDate set to 0. All the *old* Articles that stopped showing metaData fields are in the same condition.
10/6/2011 11:19 am
While reviewing the code in subroutine _getMetaDataFieldsHelper from WebGUI/, I found that the SQL statement that gets the metadata fields requires the revisionDate of the fields to be equal to the revisionDate of the Asset being worked on.

I manually updated the metaData_values row for the non-showing field to set revisionDate to be the same as the latest one for the Article, and the metadata field started showing again.

I checked


and it does not do anything to ensure that metadata fields start with sensible values in the revisionDate column.
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What's the bug in? WebGUI Stable  
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