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Locking an asset does not create a revision  (#12132)

When you lock an asset, it puts the asset into a version tag, but it does not create a new revision. 

So if you delete the version tag, the revision of the asset goes with it. In this way, it's possible to have a working, approved asset inside a version tag, and then delete that asset from the site entirely by deleting the version tag.

This is rather confusing for the user, and for the admin who has to clean up after it.

For now, locking an asset should create a new pending revision that is locked, which still prevents editing but will not completely purge the asset if the version tag is inadvertently deleted because the asset cannot be edited.

Solution Summary
5/17/2011 11:23 am
I forgot to mention that "Lock" will be removed in 8.0, because it does nothing useful. Locking the asset prevents editing by the same people who can just unlock the asset.
5/18/2011 4:55 pm
While it does tend to get in the way, the locking mechanism prevents collisions when multiple people work on the same asset.  Perhaps the lock should just be an indicator on "save".
5/18/2011 6:28 pm
Not the locking mechanism, that is a necessity for now because we don't have merging. The "Lock" function that does nothing but lock an asset, the www_lock page.
5/31/2011 6:59 pm
To try and duplicate this, I did the following steps on a 7.10.18 dev site.

1) Logged in as Admin, turned on Admin mode.
2) Edited the welcome article on the home page, replacing all content with the work TAG.  Note due to version tag settings, this asset autocommitted.
3) Using the class icon context menu, I selected Lock.  This created a version tag.
4) I went to the Version Tag screen, and deleted the tag.
5) When I went back to the site, the welcome asset content still said TAG.
6) I cleared the cache and reloaded the page.  It still said TAG.
5/31/2011 9:01 pm
Repeated the same steps on WebGUI 7.9, with the same results.
7/11/2011 3:20 pm
Closing bug due to inability to reproduce.
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