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Sightings (Business)

Cross Country Bulldogges
Cross Country Bulldogges is an Olde English dog breeder business owned by Cynthia Cross based in Vicksburg, Michigan. Cynthia previously had a website but the software she was using only let her update certain parts. She wanted a website solution where she had full control over the content on the website and one that had more advanced features. She had a basic budget and ParkerOne developed a great looking site that allows her to easily manage her online content!
Breakfast Exchange Gurnee
NATIONAL EXCHANGE BEST WEBSITE FOR 2006 out of approximately 3,000 clubs nationwide.  This website was done pro-bono for the Breakfast Exchange Club Gurnee by Elite Designs.  The Exchange Club is a national organization that supports Americanism, Youth Programs, and the Prevention of Child Abuse.  The site contains privileged areas for members that allow them to network amongst each other for both business and charity.  The entire member roster is managed online and viewable by its members.  The site has the capabilities for the different officers to manage their own content and contribute as well keeping everyone well informed and involved.
Formation Design Systems
We've used WebGUI to handle not only our public website, but also used it to add additional content for our subscribed users, distributors.  We've also used it to build a community around the free academic versions of our software - letting students not only download our software for free, but interact with other students and get access to training materials, faq's, documentation and forums.
Monash University Wushu Club
Toon Jack

Offseason Xtras, LLC sells a product called the Toon Jack Pontoon Boat Storage Block. It's a light weight and heavy duty device that allows pontoon boat owners to easily store their boats in the offseason. The storage blocks are plastic and are placed under the boat's pontoons to keep them from resting on the ground. Toon Jacks can be purchased on the website.


HR OptIn
A full-featured site with rich customized content for registered users.
Pam East
Fine art jewelry in silver and enamel plus instruction, articles and books on enameling on silver.
Herbert de Jonge Quartet

Herbert de Jonge is a dutch Jazz artist, he is very glad that he is able to maintain his own website with WebGUI. 

Koen de Jonge - ProcoliX
Hosting - WebGUI - Virtualization

Geef me geld!

The website of the number one on the karma list!

Including banner for the WUC 2005. 

Koen de Jonge - ProcoliX
Hosting - WebGUI - Virtualization


One of the leading WebGUI programming companies in Europe. 

Koen de Jonge - ProcoliX
Hosting - WebGUI - Virtualization

Energize Your Moment

Knowmad Technologies has released an updated website for Momentum Coaching.  After a year of a static website, we converted the Momentum site to the WebGui Content Management System so they could maintain the site content. The site continues to evolve with e-books for sale and a new home page which features that feed from Momentum's Morning Monologue blog and Motivational Muses.

Knowmad Technologies

NCI Intranet


New Concepts International needed an Intranet for a call center operation. We leveraged the WebGUI CMS to create a highly customized Intranet that not only served their call-center operation but also created a platform to centralize and affordably recreate disparate legacy applications on a central database.

Knowmad enhanced the operations of New Concepts International by adding additional communication abilities including inter-office messaging.

Knowmad Technologies

Dorthe Diness

Website of Dorthe Diness,
singer, songwriter and artist.

Stiltskin IT
Stiltskin IT focuses on the technical aspects of your organisations IT infrastructure and uses its expertiese and many years of experience to help you attain your business needs.


A revision website for students and teachers of A-Level mathematics.

Questions are generated randomly and displayed using a javascript library called jsMath.

The question bank is still being built up and further features will be added, such as creating an exam paper. is a community platform for developers of two very distinct development worlds. On one side there is the well established IBM® Lotus Notes/Domino© platform and on the other hand there is the Adobe Flex© RIA development environment.


The Antique Aeroplane Association of Australia (AAAA) is a growing and diverse organisation of members from a broad range of backgrounds, who all have one thing in common – a passion for aviation. Formed in 1974 by a group of aircraft owners and enthusiasts the AAAA filled the need for an Association to represent the interests of owners of old aeroplanes at a time when aircraft were being exported or forced out of the air by heavy Government charges.


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