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My Albums is a technology blog written by me, Roy Johnson.  I cover topics such as Perl, the WebGUI content management system and application framework, MySQL, Apache, ModPerl2 and occasionally some other technologies that have grabbed my interest that week.  I work professionally as an IT Manager but have a long standing background in programming and systems administration.

All of my open source work has been done on WebGUI.  I was a volunteer contributor for a while and eventually worked for Plain Black  as a core developer and the community manager.  I did a lot of work on the WebGUI Runtime Environment (WRE), Event Management System Wobject, and the Test framework.  At the 2006 WebGUI User's conference I gave talks on Perl programming, the WRE, How to write WebGUI utility scripts, and How to participate in the WebGUI community.  Although I no longer work for Plain Black, I am still a strong proponent of WebGUI and the people and organizations that make up the WebGUI community.

The purpose of is to provide high quality, FREE (like freedom AND like beer) information on technologies that people care about.  To that end, you can submit article ideas in the RFA (Request for Article) forum. If it's something I feel I can write intelligently about that people are interested in then I'll do so.  Pretty simple eh?


Nursing Home Facts

Welcome to Nursing Home Facts.  We have compiled some of the most up to date and detailed information on nursing homes and managed care facilities in the United States.  All of our information is provided to the public at absolutely no cost as a public service.

The maintainers of this website have personally experienced the frustration, guilt, fear, and stress that often accompanies families faced with the decision of placing a loved one into managed care. We are constantly reminded of problems related to the quality of care in these centers and in the worst cases even abuse.  The purpose of this site is to provide a source of information to families to aid you in making a more informed decision during this difficult time.

Information we have
  • Facility Name, address, and telephone number
  • Most recent inspection and fire inspection dates
  • Results of inspections
  • Number of beds, beds occupied, and capacity percentages
  • Business data about the facility such as non-profit status
  • Much much more

Our directory is organized by State and City. To begin your search click on the state, then the city and you will see a list of nursing home facilities located in that city.  You can then click on the name of the nursing home to get more detailed information. 

Quotes You Seek

Quotes You Seek is a comprehensive quote database consisting of thousands of entries.  You can search for quotes by category or by the author of the quote using the navigation at the top of the site. Currently we have famous quips ranging from Confucius to Shakespeare and everything in between.

If you don't find the quote you are looking for check back soon as we are constantly adding new information to the site. One of the features we hope to implement very soon is the ability for site visitors to submit quotes to the site.

The Perfect Ring
The Perfect Ring is a site for couples who are thinking about becoming engaged, but have no idea how to do it.  This site was originally done statically but managing the content became cumbersome quickly.

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