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Nile7 Internet Marketing


Nile7 Internet Marketing

Who We Are

Nile7 Internet Marketing is an Egyptian company specialized in high definition websites design, internet marketing and search engine optimization services.  We provide the best cost effective SEO solutions for your client base expansion. Nile7 Internet Marketing provides you with integrated sets of the best tools to develop and optimize your Business online


Our Services

Website Design

Nile7 Internet Marketing provides high definition websites that suit your line of business, products and services. By combining the right appealing colors and showcasing your products and services using videos and / or pictures we create a favorable effect on your viewers. We provide friendly, attractive and professional website designs that offer good and informative content in an organized and relaxing environment to help your visitors to evolve into  customers.

Website Optimization

By Search Engine Optimization or SEO we mean optimizing your website for search engines i.e. Google and social networks i.e. Facebook and Twitter. SEO is the guarantee that your company, products and services are visibly and effectively present in the early pages of search engines results and social networks.

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As search engines users type words or phrases about what they are looking for, search engines seek relevant matching content on the internet. To search engines, the right keywords separate what is relevant and visible from what is irrelevant and invisible. As you aspire to promote your online business using the right keywords grants you a seat in the first rows of search engines’ result pages. Nile7 Internet Marketing develops and inserts the right Keywords’ combinations in different sections of your website to ensure that it is quickly recognized as relevant to gain a higher rank in search engines result pages.

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Backlinks Building

To search engines, Popular equals Important. Hence the importance of Backlinks arises since they play a very important role in increasing your popularity and importance on the World Wide Web. Here, at Nile7 Internet Marketing our team of professionals creates Backlinks from other trustworthy and reputable websites to your website which helps to increase your website popularity and direct traffic to your website.
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Content Management & Copywriting

Content is very important to your website. Relevant and good content is your shortcut to search engines results pages and social networks. Nile7 Internet Marketing provides content management & copywriting for your business to attract the right viewers and to communicate to them your message. We help you deliver your marketing message in an effective and interesting ways, while presenting your viewers with useful, easy to follow and interesting information about your services and products.
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Building and Managing Your Online Reputation

Building Your Online Reputation

Nile7 Internet Marketing helps creating and building a positive common perception of your business, products and services among your audience on social networking websites i.e. Facebook and Twitter by making a buzz around your products and services via posts, repost and sharing other social networking tools which can be a very effective tool for your brand awareness.
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Managing Your Online Reputation

Here, at Nile7 Internet Marketing  we monitor and assess people’s perception of your products and services on regular basis to ensure that your reputation is heading towards the right direction and address any negativity or diversion in that common perception. 

 SMM: social media marketing

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How We Do It

Research, Analysis & Planning

Via thorough research, full analysis, and careful planning Nile7 Internet Marketing determines what is suitable for you and what internet marketing strategy better suits your products and services. Our qualified team of website designers and content copywriters, has varied experiences in different businesses to meet your current and future needs.

Design, Creative & Development

We leave nothing to your imagination; we develop detailed visual scenarios of your viewers interactions with your website covering all aspects related to your website before actually developing it.

Execution, Testing & Publishing

We put pin to sheet to execute the layout, the drawings, the modules and applications. After completing your content management we conduct a test run then show it to you and get your approval then publish it.

Support & Update

We support your website on regular basis. Manage your online reputation and offer your viewers new content. We submit you a quarterly progress report of your online presence. 

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