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Option to not get the default pages when you create a new webgui site  (#463)

For those of us who know WebGUI - we don't want the default pages every time we run create a new webgui site.

By default pages I mean:

Getting Started
Your Next Step
The Latest News
Tell a Friend
Site Map


  1. it's annoying having to delete them every time
  2. they take up hard disk space and reserve urls
  3. they're redundant once you've read them once - and could easily simply be on the webgui site - since that's where you'd presumably downloaded webgui from anyway
  4. they don't cater for hosting companies who simply want a blank site
  5. when using the new starter wizard they appear at the top as well as all the new pages 

I don't care how it's implemented - whether it's an option in the new site starter wizard to either not add them, or even a command line option to addsite or something would cater for everyone - new and old user alike.

If it's a question of newbies always clicking on options regardless - then this should be worded in such a way that it is (recommended) and the default option.  I don't care as long as there is a way to not get it. 

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8/2/2007 6:43 pm
I vote that the base install arrives with create.sql, but only as bundled as a package, ready to deploy.

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