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Image Assets in HTML Editor  (#450)

Previously my company funded the webgui config option:

"richEditorsUseAssetUrls" : "1" 

which makes the html editor insert asset urls rather than the /uploads/xxx/.. files directly.  This gives a big advantage when updating those images in future, but also gives a minor performance hit in doing so.

The only downside of the above option is that it still doesn't impart the template-able functionality of the object.

I'd like this to be added - either as an extension to the existing webgui config option, or as another config option (whichever is easier) 

When this is on and an image asset is inserted in the html editor then instead of the image being linked directly, the whole asset will be included (much like it would be if the AssetProxy(url) macro was used).

This will then enable images assets to be embedded in the html of an article, but still retain their template functionality - e.g. an image with the lightbox template could be added inside an article and still benefit from all the funkiness that the lightbox template offers.

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Solution Summary
7/18/2007 11:06 am
This isn't possible. The only thing we can do is make it insert the ^AssetProxy(); macro, but that won't render an image while using the rich editor, it will only show the macro
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