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Drag and drop assets in page view changes asset ranking  (#767)

Webgui keeps track of asset order in the page view, so that you can drag and drop assets to change the order without changing the assets ranking. But this gets confusing when the order of assets in the page view does not match the assets ranking.

This RFE is to have asset rankings in the asset manager view, and order of assets in the page view to be the same.

It would be much more convinient to update an assets ranking simply by changing the order of the asset in the page view; draging and dropping it to the desired position.

The motivation for this request has come from my users.  On my site, I create a Table of Contents on the fly based on asset ranking, not order as it exists in the page view. So when a user tries to change the order of assets in the page view, thinking that it will be reflected in the TOC, the user is severly dissappointed.

Let us clear the confusion between asset ranking and asset order with this request! Unless of course this distinction is by design and intentional, in which case Ill need to figure something out for my TOC.




Solution Summary
10/10/2008 10:50 am
What you are requesting isn't possible otherwise it would have been done this way to begin with. The problem is that page layouts can have an infinite number of content positions, and the assets need to be ordered within those content positions. Asset rank is only one rank list, and therefore can't be ordered the way you suggest. Any other ideas or comments?
10/10/2008 12:20 pm
How about a 'strict mode' where layout's can only have a finite number of content positions and are ordered by rank? Strict mode can be toggled on/off.
10/10/2008 1:39 pm
This still isn't really possible at least without making it even more confusing for users. Let me try to explain. If you have a page with two content areas (denoted by []) and 5 assets on the page (denoted by letters), you could easily have [AB][CDE] in there, which isn't really a problem. We're just storing which asset goes into which content area. This works fine when they're in order. But what if E was in content area 1: [ABE][CD]. Still fine right? Absolutely! Until someone decides that they want to promote E above B. They'd have to promote E 3 times in order to get E above B, because even though C and D are not in the same content area, they are still all part of the same page rank. This means that to the user, even though they promoted E it looks like it doesn't move. Sure we could do some fancy calculations to work that stuff out for the user, but that doesn't solve the fact that on some pages it would work one way and on others it would work another (ala your strict switch). Also, we can't retroactively apply this idea to all sites because it would screw with the order of their content. So I'm going to have to reject this RFE.
10/10/2008 1:48 pm
OK. Thank you for the thorough explanation.
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