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Ability to move changes from one version tag to another  (#436)
Would be nice to be able to changes to an asset from one version tag to another.

There's nothing worse than adding a change to the wrong version tag (to one you don't want to check in just yet) and having to delete those changes and recreate them under a different version tag.

The ability to shift the changes to a new version tag "on-the-fly" would be an additional bonus and save an extra step when you just want to split up a version tag. 

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Solution Summary
9/11/2007 12:17 pm

yes please!  I've tried cutting to the clipboard, but in the clipboard, it's still tied to a version tag. It seems that if the clipboard was "version-tag-less" this would allow us to move things around.


4/27/2008 7:52 pm

I've implemented this in a patch. Waiting for approval from JT (since it does some things that may be unexpected or undesired).

  1. It's possible to move committed / approved revisions to an uncommitted version tag. This does not change those revisions to "pending". 
  2. When making a new version tag to move revisions into, it makes a copy of the current tag's properties and changes the name to add "(copy)" at the end.
  3. It's possible to move / purge all revisions in a tag and have the tag still exist.
Attaching the patch in its current state.

8/7/2008 2:11 pm

This was implemented in 7.5.11 I think (or one of the 7.5s around there).

Closing as implemented.

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