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WebGUI Flavors  (#11843)

WebGUI Lite has been kicked around for a while with no progress. 

Replacement: WebGUI Flavors.

WebGUI would ship with a number of different default configuration files and databases.

1) Original flavor: WebGUI.conf.original and original.sql

This would be the full-featured, default install of WebGUI.

2) Light flavor: WebGUI.conf.light and light.sql

This would be a stripped-down WebGUI install. Basic content management, no Shop, no Thingy, no community. Pages, Articles, Files, Images, Folders.

3) Store flavor: and store.sql

This would be the stripped-down WebGUI install + the Shop assets.

Anyone could add new flavors by adding appropriate config and .sql files to appropriate directories. For example, a "Blog" flavor, a "Forum" flavor, a "ACME Client" flavor.

A proper WebGUI::Command would need to create the new site with the given flavor. The WRE utilities would need to be aware of Flavors as well.

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