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Gallery: Allow return from photo edit view to gallery edit view  (#11571)

It would be a great improvement if there was a mechanism that would allow redirection of users from a photo edit view to the edit view of the parent album. That way thumbnails in the gallery edit view could be linked to respective photo edit views. After having edited the photo, the user could proceed editing the album. Currently, the user is always redirected to the photo edit view.

One possible implementation would be to allow the value "editParent" for the "proceed" form variable. The photo edit view could then be linked in via "<photo_url>?func=edit;proceed=editParent".

6/8/2010 4:02 pm
Done. I have added necessary code to www_editSave in WebGUI::Asset and www_edit in WebGUI::Asset::File::GalleryFile::Photo. The "Default Gallery Album Edit" template and "admin.css" stylesheet have been updated as well.

Note that this implementation also fixes a problem with the edit view of the photo asset. Users are no longer allowed to create photos without selecting an image file to be uploaded. I ran into this problem when writing the testing code.

Please, pull in commit c0d2c913b9085f38fcfa from my personal fork of webgui ( A pull request was sent to pearlDreamer, preaction and haarg.
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