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Wiki - Category support  (#10364)

The wiki needs category support. Having used wikis for years for internal documentation of operations, business processes, and facts, I've come to find that the typical flat structure makes organizing information into an hierarchical format very difficult. You effectively have to hand-build a Table of Contents or rely on searching/browsing the contents. Keywords are helpful but do not provide a structure to the information which is vital for newcomers.

Adding category support would not take away any of the current features and would help content developers who are trying to organize the information into useable knowledge.

5/14/2009 10:59 am
Would it be fair to say that this concept of "categories" is the same as if we allowed for pages to be hierarchically organized and navigation automatically generated of that hierarchy? Or is this something different?
5/14/2009 1:35 pm
I think that would work. The best example of useful categories I've seen in a wiki is Wikipedia[1]. I presume that's dynamically built. I don't know how it works but know that it's needed for wiki's to be practical containers of usable knowledge. Otherwise, I find that as we continue to add articles we create more entropy which reduces the usefulness of the content as a whole.


5/14/2009 1:39 pm
5/14/2009 2:56 pm
Wikipedia categories work like our wiki's keywords. A page can be added to multiple categories. Then it allows categories to be added to categories.

If we allowed the ?func=byKeyword to track additional collateral for keywords (like a description of the keyword and any sub-keywords), we wouldn't have to do the asset hierarchy.

   Easy to edit wiki pages to add to categories
   Easy to upgrade to this system

   More coding involved in the byKeyword page
   More complicated relationships (even though that's really a wiki's style)
5/14/2009 4:30 pm
I like the ease-of-use benefits that you mention. Not being familiar with the byKeyword function, I'm having a hard envisioning how the categories would be presented to users. Ideally, the solution would support multiple levels (categories, sub-categories, sub-sub-categories, etc), allow users to easily add new categories, and provide a dynamically built "Table of Contents" generated from the categories.
5/14/2009 4:47 pm
We can essentially copy Wikipedia's "Category" page. There'd be an RTE for information about the keyword, and then below an organized list of sub-keywords and articles.

By "Table of Contents", do you mean a list of categories? In my proposal, there are no "top-level categories", there are just categories related to other categories (confusing, maybe).


I have two articles "Installing WebGUI" and "Installing WRE".
"Installing WebGUI" has keywords "Install" and "WebGUI.
"Installing WRE" has keywords "Install" "WRE" and "Perl".

When I visit the "Install" keyword page, I see "Installing WebGUI" and "Installing WRE".
When I visit the "Perl" keyword, I see "Installing WRE".

Under the "Install" keyword, I attach the "Perl" keyword.

Now when I visit the "Install" keyword, I see the "Perl" keyword, the "Installing WebGUI" article and the "Installing WRE" article.

But now, under the "Perl" keyword, I attach the "Install" keyword (setting up a circular relationship). This works just fine when we only look at one keyword at a time, but if we want to travel down a hierarchy, we enter a loop.

Should circular relationships be avoided? Or should the "Table of Keywords" page handle such circular relationships gracefully? What should this "Table of Contents" contain exactly?

   A keyword could be marked to show up on the Wiki entry page or a seperate table of contents page (a "Featured" keyword?)
   Circular relationships could be handled automatically (by not looping over them when displaying the hierarchy of keywords)
   Circular relationships could cause an error (undesirable, how big of a circle could we make?)
9/9/2009 12:43 pm
After a discussion at the hackathon, I feel that this RFE will be addressed by the following tickets:

* 10944
* 10945
* 10946

I'd like to keep this open until those are approved and implemented.
9/9/2009 12:43 pm
That comment was by William using patspam's laptop since he's the only one in the room with an internet connection.
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