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Add watermarks to uploaded images  (#143)
There can be useful an addition of watermarks in images. It can be the text taken of variables, for example: siteURL or siteNAME. As a variant, it is possible to appoint parameters in a template of the form of addition via macro. Something like: ^watermarks(<tmpl_var attachment.form>, "a number of watermarks parameters
9/3/2006 8:41 pm

I've been trying to figure a way to implement it, but AFAICT it'd have to be done as a file storage issue (a la thumbnail creation) .. basically overload the filepile to make the watermarked image at the time of filepile upload.

Here's a start:
For example, to add a colored border to an image and superimpose text annotation, you could use a command like this:

convert brugge.tif -resize 200x150 -fill white -gravity southwest -font arial -pointsize 15 -draw "text 2,20 'Brugge, Belgium - 2004'" -border 5x5 brugge_annotated.jpg

ImageMagick makes it easy to add text and a white border.

The effect of most of these directives should be clear. (-gravity defines the corner of the image that text falls into, in this case the lower left.) ImageMagick processes them one at a time to produce the resulting image (see Figure 1).

Another ImageMagick trick is superimposing a watermark on your images:

composite -watermark 30% -gravity southeast pcmlogo.gif volcano.bmp volcano_watermark.gif


11/8/2006 2:57 am
yeah it would be nice to have those watermarking commands tied into the WebGUI UI... In the admin settings and in each CS... Like you have already for thumbnail size Mac and Mac OS X Server power user

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