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Below you will find several frequently asked questions about the WebGUI content management system.

What is WebGUI?
WebGUI is a content-application framework. That means that WebGUI is capable of handling the content management aspects of running a web site, intranet, or extranet, but it's also capable of running complex applications for your business.

How old is WebGUI?
WebGUI was first released to the public on August 16, 2001 as version 0.9.0.

What does WebGUI cost?

WebGUI is absolutely free under the GNU General Public License.

Is there any free documentation available for WebGUI?

Absolutely! We have a 140 page Primer Guide that will teach you all of the basics of using WebGUI. WebGUI TV contains hundreds of videos related to many WebGUI related topics, and many include supplementary downloads. There are also user guide wikis and a community wiki that cover a huge range of topics. The Community Support page contains additional recommendations for accessing free resources.

Can I use WebGUI on my $5.95 hoster?

Probably not. WebGUI is designed as an enterprise application. This means you get more features, but there are additional requirements for hosting it. Also, it's nearly impossible to install WebGUI with only FTP access and that's usually all that is provided by discount hosting companies. However, there are lots of companies that offer low cost WebGUI hosting packages.

I wish WebGUI ran on X database, web server, or operating system. How can I make that happen?
Become a champion. Discuss your ideas on the developer's mailing list and become a developer. People need leaders. Are you a leader?

Will WebGUI use my existing user database?
Well, that depends. If your existing user database is LDAP compliant, then absolutely. Most password systems used in Email servers and on operating systems have some sort of LDAP connectivity, so the chances of WebGUI authenticating your users against that database is likely.

WebGUI can also authenticate against Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 networks, so if your user repository is there, you're in luck as well.

If all else fails, you can always build a custom authentication module. It is very easy to do and will allow you to connect to any repository of user data.

What does support for WebGUI cost?

There are lots of resources for free support in the community. Visit the Community Support page to find out more. If you require commercial support, Plain Black has a number of support and training programs available for purchase.

Can I add my own custom applications to WebGUI?

Yes, WebGUI is an extensible application framework. You can easily plug your own applications (wobjects, macros, scheduled tasks, and authentication systems) into WebGUI. Likewise, we'll be more than happy to build applications for you if you do not have the time or staff.

Will you ever rewrite WebGUI using language X?
Not likely. WebGUI is currently fast, powerful, and flexible. Why rewrite it?

Why didn't you write WebGUI using language X?
We chose Perl to write WebGUI because it's uniquely suited for the job. Perl is a text processing language. The entire internet runs off of text documents (like HTML and XML) and text-based protocols (like HTTP and SMTP). Therefore it only made sense to choose Perl over all the other candidates available.

Do you have any examples of WebGUI sites I can see?

Yes. There is an entire gallery called WebGUI Sightings that contains hundreds of websites built on WebGUI. Browse around and you'll see just how versatile WebGUI is.

I need a new feature in WebGUI right now! How can I make that happen?

Fund a feature requests are moved to the top of our priority list and are released as quickly as possible in the next available release. If you need a new feature quickly, this is your best bet.

Who created WebGUI's mascot?
It was created by an artist by the name of Darci Gibson (daffy_art -at- yahoo -dot- com) of Pasadena, California. She said the reason she created an octopus for our mascot was, "...Couldn't think of anything else that was as flexible and able to get a handle on any task (with eight tentacles no less). A perfect embodiment of WebGUI."

I have an existing site using an old version of WebGUI and I want to use your Virtual Hosting. Can I?

The short answer is, 'Yes'.

Here's the long answer:  Your site would first need to be upgraded to the release we are running on our virtual hosting servers.  This will undoubtedly be the latest gama or stable release.  You can upgrade the site yourself or we can upgrade it for you (contact us for more information on pricing).  Once the site is on the latest version, someone will need to go through and update any outdated macros or template variables.  Once that is completed, your site should be running smoothly on our virtual hosting servers.  

I have some macros and a custom application I'm using. Can I run those with your Site Hosting plans?

No. Custom code or macros are not permitted on the Site Hosting servers.  This ensures the speed and stability that everyone with a site on our servers has come to expect. Instead, you can purchase a Virtual Private Server hosting package and run all of your custom code and macros on it.

Will I have access to the database using your Virtual Hosting plan?
The only access you have to the database is through the SQL Report in WebGUI.  If you can't access your database information through the out-of-the-box version of WebGUI, you won't have access.

WebGUI doesn't have feature X. How can I get that feature added?

You have 3 options.

1.  Have the feature created custom for your needs.  You can get a free quote by contacting Plain Black.

2.  Fund the feature so that it is included in the WebGUI core.  Unlike the first option, the feature will be added to the WebGUI core, because of this, it will be maintained and upgraded along with everything else in WebGUI.  Not only that, you get the satisfaction of contributing to the Open Source product that gives you so much value already.

3.  Finally, you can simply wait for Plain Black to add the feature.  You can still have some input on how quickly your feature is added by spending karma.  Simply go to the RFE or Request for Enhancement list. If you don't see your feature listed, add it.  Once it's added, spend your karma to move it to the top of the feature list. 

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