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Existing Site to WRE

Here are instructions on how to migrate an existing site to the WRE.

1)  Read these instructions through to the end before doing them.

2)  Upgrade to 7.0.0 or above.  The WRE was optimized for WebGUI 7.0.0 and above.  You can get it to work for lesser versions but it will take some tweaking.  These instruction are specific to installations of WebGUI 7.0.0 and above.

3)  Delete /data/wre 

4)  Reextract the wre so you now have a clean /data/wre folder as created by the tarball extraction. 

5)  Dump your old database to a file somewhere:

    mysqldump -usomeuser -psomepass your dbname > /some/file.sql

6)  Shutdown your old apache and mysql if they are still running.

7)  Rename or remove /etc/my.cnf or /usr/local/mysql/my.cnf if you have one.

8)  Run the following commands:

    cd /data/wre/sbin

9)  Follow the onscreeen instruction until you get to the point where it asks you about installing WebGUI (the lcal/mirror question).  Then break out of it: CTRL-C

10)  Copy your old WebGUI folder back into /data/WebGUI

11)  Add the two cron entries from the end of /data/wre/docs/install.txt

12)  Start the WRE like this

    /data/wre/sbin/rc.webgui start

13)  Add your site like this:

    cd /data/wre/sbin
    ./addsite --admin-db-pass=WHATEVERITIS

14)  Move your uploads folder to /data/domains/ and make it writable by the "nobody" user.

15)  Import your old database contents into the new database with these commands:

    . /data/wre/sbin/setenvironment
    mysql -uroot -pWHATEVERITIS www_yoursitenamehere_com < /some/file.sql 

16)  Edit /data/WebGUI/etc/ to match whatever modifications you may have made. 

17)  Edit /data/wre/etc/ to add any mod_rewrite rules or anything else you might need to do. 

18)  Make sure your WebGUI.log is writable by the user "nobody"

19)  Restart the web server using this command:


20)  Take a look at your glorious site running under the WRE.

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