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gooey on the go

Gooey in Minnesota.
Gooey sits atop a snow bank and thinks about the crops he will plant this spring in the rural Minnesota field in front of him.  "Kelp, I think I'll plant kelp this year."
Night on the Town

Gooey enjoying a night on the town, taking in some of the sites of Vegas.

(Photo Courtesy:  Gregg Sperling)

The King

Who goes to Vegas and doesn't see an Elvis?  Certainly not Gooey.

(Photo Courtesy:  Gregg Sperling)

Coke anyone?

He'll have to wrestle it away from the giant bear first.

(Photo Courtesy:  Gregg Sperling)

Let's go Racing

Gooey wonders if he could hang on going 180mph.

(Photo Courtesy:  Gregg Sperling)

Gooey over glass?

Gooey doing a little souvenir shopping before heading home.

(Photo Courtesy:  Gregg Sperling)

M&Ms Mmmmm

What's not to love.

(Photo Courtesy:  Gregg Sperling)

Hanging with the locals

Gooey loves getting to know some of people who make their living in Las Vegas.

(Photo Courtesy:  Gregg Sperling)

Tigers, Oh My!

Checking out the Tigers from the safety of the opposite side of the glass.

(Photo Courtesy:  Gregg Sperling)

Gamblin' Gooey

Gooey jumping in on the slot machine fun.

(Photo Courtesy:  Gregg Sperling)

Gooey and Tom Jones

Gooey loves a good show and there aren't many better than the classic Tom Jones.

Photo Courtesy: Gregg Sperling

Gooey on top of the world
Gooey at the top of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas.
Gooey at Las Vegas WUC 2005
This is Gooey on Gregg's head at the 2005 Las Vegas WebGUI User's Conference.
Goin' To the Chapel
This is a picture of two Gooey's in love at our Church in Portland, Oregon.
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