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WebGUI 7.5.38 (stable) Released

User: Graham
Date: 1/6/2009 8:13 pm
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Fixes a number of internationalization issues, some minor Gallery issues, and several other minor issues.


   * Due to an error during the 7.6.6 development cycle, an Itransact template,
for displaying the credentials screen, needs to be reimported. Any changes
that you have made to this module will be lost, so please make a back up
of this template.


 - fixed #9154: WebGUI Shop - Checkout Caching Problem
- fixed #9368: Gallery: All children included into navigation
- fixed #9349: CS archival broken after update (Bernd Kalbfuß-Zimmermann)
- fixed Display of Interval form control in Thingy and User profiling did not show units, only seconds.
- fixed #9374: Subscription Asset: Redeem subscription template not documented, or user selectable
- fixed #9366: Gallery: Missing i18n
- fixed #9367: Gallery: Errors in templates
- fixed #9352: Account activation message MIA
- fixed #9046: Wiki tabs all combined (David Delikat)
- fixed #8993: Gallery Image Details Overlap Image
- fixed #9380: CoolMenus template - invalid markup affecting page layouts
- fixed #4125: IE photo gallery pagination
- fixed #9387: sset Manager breaks navigating into a Gallery Album
- fixed #9001: Thingy add image broken
- fixed #9386: Gallery: "Image resolutions" issue
- fixed #9033: Deleting Linked Thing Field Crashes Thingy
- fixed #9400: Form.captcha should be form_capcha in dataform help
- fixed #9402: i18n confusion
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