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WebGUI 7.5.13 (beta) Released

User: Graham
Date: 6/20/2008 4:41 am
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This release includes a multitude of fixes to the Gallery, the Data Form, and the commerce system, including the Event Management System.


 * RSSFromParent now uses the parent asset's canView method to 
determine if the user is allowed to see the RSS feed.
The upshot of this is that a user must be able to view the
Collaboration System in order to view its RSS feed.
Previously, RSSFromParent did no view restrictions, allowing
anyone with the right URL to see an RSS feed, even if they do not
have permission to view the Collaboration System it came from.

* The 7.5.11 upgrade contained a bug that didn't import existing
Data Form entries properly. The script has been corrected, so if
you didn't already upgrade to 7.5.11, there is nothing to worry
about. If you already upgraded, the information can be restored
from a backup. See
for information on how to retrieve this information without having
to revert entirely to a past backup.


 - fixed: storage locations for some assets in packages not imported correctly
- fixed: DataForm doesn't send emails correctly
- fixed: CS posts don't have correct URLs generated
- fixed: Unable to template user profile viewing and editing screens.
- fixed: Product Variants not saving SKU
- fixed: Shop Payment Methods
- fixed: Syndicated Content asset makes template engine choke
- fixed: Security issue in CS RSS feeds
- fixed: Asset Manager breaks when an asset is locked
- fixed: EMS - Data error when trying to list badges
- fixed: EMS - Not able to refund tickets
- fixed: Asset Manager is slow to load
- fixed: project management application unable to add or edit tasks.
- fixed: dashboard not working due to using legacy ajax handlers
- fixed: Calendar form element no longer shows up behind admin console.
- fixed: Asset Manager can now change ranks again
- fixed: Cannot manage revisions in version tags.
- fixed: Date picker shows time after moving through months
- fixed: Cannot Instantiate Template
- fixed: Adding Donation Asset breaks style template
- fixed: Adding Flat Discount Coupon causes "Problem w/ Request" error
- fixed: No label for yes/no radio buttons
- fixed: Gallery Edit Album buttons did not work properly in IE
- fixed: Cannot embed YouTube videos in IE6/7. Fixed by adding an "Allow Media"
switch to the RichEdit asset.
- added: Next and Previous GalleryAlbum links in the GalleryAlbum views
- fixed: Shop: Variants in dropdown and on page
- fixed: OLD subscription table still hanging around?
- fixed: Shelf
- fixed: Subscriptions and redemption
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