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WebGUI 7.4.30 (stable) Released

User: Graham
Date: 3/25/2008 1:34 pm
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This release includes a number of fixes to the Matrix, Collaboration System, and other assets, with several fixes in the package system and other core areas.


 - fix: Calendar's ical link adds extraneous baloney
- fixed: Wiki page history shows username instead of alias
- added: Uploads locations and files are set to the same uid/gid that owns the uploads root
- fixed: SQL Form fields with a regex are required even if not set to required
- fixed: Matrix caches pages, and may not update for new listings
- fixed: Editting matrix listings shows fields from other matrix assets
- fixed: Matrix assets show pending listings from all matrix assets on a site
- fixed: Changing name of Matrix listing leaves discussion forum with old name
- fixed: Importing a package can break when updating a pending asset
- fixed: errors on package importing are always reported as corrupted packages
- fixed: Optional pubDate RSS field generates warnings when missing
- fixed: Collaboration System threads can return other object types when asked for replies
- fixed: Able to cut or trash system assets
- fixed: Can't purge uncommitted assets if not using its version tag
- fixed: DataForm will create fields with duplicate names but doesn't use them separately
- fixed: Bad message if database link for SQL Report doesn't exist
- fixed: Collaboration System errors when missing RSS From Parent
- fixed: Turning off RSS on Collaboration System doesn't remove RSS From Parent asset


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