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WebGUI 7.6.3 (beta) Released

User: Graham
Date: 11/11/2008 9:11 pm
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Includes large improvements to the Syndicated Content asset, fixes to DataForm and SQL Report, and continued improvements to the new Data Table.


 - improved performance of file uploads
- changed format of created uploads locations, avoiding case sensitivity problems
- fixed #8989: Missing profile field "showOnline" for the UsersOnline macro.
- Added DataTable to WebGUI.conf.original
- Added a better mechanism for calculating when content was last modified for
cache headers.
- The Syndicated Content asset was rewritten, and now uses 35% less memory
and is 400% faster.
- fixed #9025: Testing function of UsersOnline macro fails.
- fixed #9028: Thingy fails when setting values containing single quotes
- fixed #9047: Unable to reorder DataForm tabs
- added: Delete columns from DataTable
- fixed: Now more than one DataTable can be put on a page
- fixed #9002: add a variant in admin product view misses i18n link
- fixed #9034: Removed all instances of srand. This is called implicitily by rand and be dangerous if called mulitple times by the same process.
- fixed: DataForm now allows you to edit existing tabs
- fixed #9064: SQLReport now replaces field name spaces with hyphens for the direct access template params.

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