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User JT
Date 10/20/2009 9:43 am
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Would anyone on this forum be interested in attending FOSDEM? Perl giant, and friend of WebGUI Gabor Szabo has invited us to share a booth with him. Here's his invitation:


Hi JT,

I am trying to organize some Perl content for FOSDEM that will take
place in February 2010 in Brussels, Belgium.
Apparently it is one of the biggest open source conference in Europe
and has almost no Perl content.

Besides submitting talks, one of the possibilities is to have a stand or booth
where we show our project. I am now trying to organize a Perl stand
where - instead of showing just Perl, the language or CPAN modules -
we are going to show a number of projects written in Perl.

I hope that this will be a start of organizing Perl content to the various other
non-perl technical conference and trade shows.

We will certainly show Padre but I am trying to get a few other project to
be represented as well.

Would you be interested in either joining us or getting someone with lots of
WebGUI background to attend the conference, maybe offer a talk and share
the booth with us?

Here is my related blog entry:



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We (the Dutch WebGUI association) applied for a stand for coming FOSDEM we will hear whether we get assigned on the 14th of december

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