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web done right

WebGUI is a content management system and web application framework, which allows for easy content management, while maintaining the ability to create and install custom applications. With WebGUI, you can:

  • publish articles
  • participate in forums
  • create photo galleries
  • conduct surveys and polls
  • manage projects
  • create interactive event calendars
  • create complex data entry forms
  • sell and advertise products
  • sell and maintain subscription services
  • maintain site security through users and groups
  • manage individual user interface levels
  • much, much more!

You owe it to yourself to give WebGUI a try. Start with the short video below about WebGUI's features. If you need help, you can use the forums or community wiki to get your questions answered. And if you need professional services and support, talk to the experts who wrote WebGUI at Plain Black.

benefits of webgui

Short Friendly URLs
Never worry about ugly numeric ID's or other things in URL's that make it hard for search engines and people to use a site. 

Rich User Interface
WebGUI has a rich user experience that allows users to place their content through a drag-n-drop interface; helps users pick dates, colors, and more; and has a highly customizable rich editor to allow users to quickly and easily format content.

Users see their own view of the site through dynamically generated navigation and content. In addition, content can be displayed based upon users' viewing habits.


Easy To Install
With the use of the WebGUI Runtime Environment (Unix, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD) and VMWare Appliance (Windows) setup takes minutes rather than hours.

Powerful API
WebGUI allows developers to quickly plug-in new functionality to get the most from a site. In addition, WebGUI's standardized plug-in points maintain the upgrade path even with customizations.

Users can work in an interface in their native language, and content can be published in as many languages as necessary.

(Requires Java)

WebGUI content management

The WebGUI content management system is Web Done Right. It's the premier open source CMS platform for managing all your web based content and applications. WebGUI is modular, powerful, secure, and user-friendly. Most users find themselves managing content within hours, and developers can easily plug-in functionality to maximize a site's potential. Visit the Sightings page to see hundreds of sites that are powered by WebGUI, and watch this short video to learn more about WebGUI.

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