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Is WebGUI still a good choice over Joomla?

User testuser0815
Date 1/12/2018 5:02 am
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Currently about to migrate from some old (and buggy) Joomla 2.x release to something more current.

Since Joomla 3 will be succeeded by 4.x it doesn't appear to make sense to migrate to Joomla 3 at present and I'm checking out other releases.

WebGUI seems interesting and more stable, but also appears to be somewhat outdated. There is not much traffic in the forums, the source-code download link ( is dead and the last commit in github is 4 years old (

No words on responsive webgui themes either.

Therefore, long story short:

Is there still any active development going on in WebGUI, and can it be recommended over the upcoming Joomla 4, especially in terms of security?

Thank you in advance!

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