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How to use the Bazaar

User Klaus
Date 11/7/2008 12:23 pm
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Sorry, perhaps a silly question:

Can someone tell me how to use the bazaar?

Not how to buy something, but how to find something in the bazaar?

Is the a directory that lists all items in the bazaar that I can browse for interesting things?

An how to search for an item? I tried the "Search the Bazaar". Examples:

  • "theme": no search results
  • "Theme": no search results
  • "Theme: Andreas02": no results

I think there is really no way to find the items in the Bazaar


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I tried to do some searching in the bazaar as well, with poor results. I think it might be related to bug 8960, and I've added a note to that bug report.

--- (Edited on 11/7/2008 2:12 pm [GMT-0600] by kristi) ---

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