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WebGUI 7.9.30 (stable) released

User: perlDreamer
Date: 6/6/2011 11:05 pm
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This stable release of WebGUI 7.9.30 contains fixes for Version Tags, Threads, the Account plugins, Calendar iCal feeds, Story, and two more fixes for the PayPal drivers in the Shop.

 - fixed #12138: Corrected leaveVersionTag creating a version tag
 - fixed #12142: Copy fails on imported threads
 - canView will now be checked before calling ANY www_ method on account
   plugins to fix an Inbox security bug (and other similar potential bugs).
 - fixed #12139: break on calander feeds during upgrade
 - fixed #12136: Unable to add more than one image in Story
 - fixed #12152: PayPal Standard ignores shop-credit
 - fixed #12119: Locale setting for paypal

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