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WebGUI 7.10.18 (beta) released

User: perlDreamer
Date: 6/13/2011 10:29 pm
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This beta release of WebGUI 7.10.18 contains fixes for Version Tags,
the Render Thing Data macro, Calendar iCal feeds, Story, PayPal Standard
payment driver, Account plugin security and the Asset Manager.

There is a new template for Collaboration System notifications for
new posts.  The new template replaces the table with div tags to make
replying to CS emails easier.

 - fixed #12138: Version tag gets create by entering and direct leaving
 - Added the WebGUI::Event API
 - fixed #12141: Macro_RenderThingData (bad tags) nothing to translate
 - fixed #12142: Copy fails on imported threads
 - canView will now be checked before calling ANY www_ method on account
   plugins to fix an Inbox security bug (and other similar potential bugs).
 - fixed #12139: break on calander feeds during upgrade
 - fixed #12136: Unable to add more than one image in Story
 - fixed #12133: RenderThingData macro doesn't accept templateId
 - fixed #12152: PayPal Standard ignores shop-credit
 - fixed #12119: Locale setting for paypal
 - fixed #12156: Asset Manager performance
 - fixed #12158: Shop credit cannot be used to pay for Shipping on PayPal
 - rfe #12159: Asset Manager sort preferences
 - added: new default Collaboration System notification template.

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