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WebGUI 7.10.10 (beta) released

User: perlDreamer
Date: 2/21/2011 11:34 pm
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This beta release of WebGUI 7.10.10 contains fixes for 8 bugs in the Story Archive,
Map, Collaboration System, Spectre, AssetProxy macro and the Asset Manager.

Due to the outage at, this release is not immediately available from there.
Once project uploads are working again, we will place it on their site.  In the meantime,
you can download it from

 * Asset metadata is now versioned.

 * The updated versions of HTML::Packer, JavaScript::Packer and CSS::Packer
   added for 7.10.9 require perl 5.8.9 or higher to run.

 - fixed #12035: Story Manager - make keywords from Story view work
 - fixed #12042: userDefined variables have no template variable help
 - fixed #12045: Job listing template, missing summary
 - fixed #12043: Collaboration Systems don't pull mail that fast!
 - fixed #12044: Spectre::Cron and non-integer time units
 - fixed #12046: Empty AssetProxy creates infinite loop (Dale Trexel)
 - Metadata is now versioned
 - Metadata fields can be restricted by asset class
 - fixed #12049: gotcha: 7.10.9 needs perl > 5.8.8   
 - fixed #12048: Asset Manager Search

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