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  • Add Images
  • Asset Basics
    WebGUI uses four types of assets: container assets, regular assets, SKUs and utility assets.
  • Asset Manager
  • Export and Import Content
    Packages of content can be exported from one WebGUI site, and then imported on another. This allows packages of assets or site styles to be shared amongst sites. This example will show how to export a package containing the Getting Started page layout, along with all of the assets it contains, from a WebGUI demo site. Then, that package will be imported to another WebGUI demo site.
  • Getting Started
    This chapter's intent is to give you an overall introduction to WebGUI. It shows how to log in, enter admin mode, and add basic content.
  • Prototypes
    A prototype allows you to save the settings of an asset, and then reuse that asset throughout the site while maintaining those settings. This is useful if multiple deployments of an asset are used on the site with the same security or display settings. Content will appear the same as the original asset, but unlike a shortcut, you can easily alter the content in a prototype independently. In this example, a prototype will be made from an existing asset on the WebGUI demo site. This example will show a prototype of the “Welcome” article on the demo homepage.
  • Shortcuts
    The shortcut button has many uses, the most common being to create a “mirror” of an asset on a site. This is similar to a copy and paste; however, by creating a shortcut of an asset, an asset can be duplicated on a site, and editing the properties of one version of the asset will affect all versions of that asset throughout the entire site. So, if you place a shortcut of an article on three locations on a site, editing just one version of that article will render changes on all three. To create a shortcut of an asset, locate the asset toolbar of the asset you’d like to duplicate. In this case, the “Welcome” article of the WebGUI demo page will be duplicated.
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