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content profiling

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  • Content Profiling
    Content Profiling, formerly known in WebGUI as Metadata, allows you to add arbitrary fields to all assets in WebGUI. This is like adding global properties to all assets for display purposes. Before using Content Profiling in WebGUI, you must enable metadata. To do so, click on Settings in the Admin Console.
  • Passive Profiling
    Passive Profiling allows you to use metadata for the purpose of tracking users’ site activity. Plain Black urges extreme caution if using Passive Profiling on your system. Passive profiling is illegal in many areas, and frowned upon in most others. While we advise against it, this feature is available in WebGUI. Passive profiling works with metadata, so references to the Metadata chapter will be made for the sake of clarification in this chapter. Before beginning you must enable both metadata and passive profiling. Enabling metadata is explained at the beginning of the Metadata chapter; enabling passive profiling is done in much the same way. Click on Settings in the Admin Console.
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