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Content that is deleted from the site will be transferred to the Trash. You can access the trash by clicking on the My Trash icon in the Admin Console. Upon entering the Trash screen you will see any assets that are currently in your trash. From the trash screen, content can be permanently purged from the system, or restored to its original location. WebGUI contains two trash systems: your trash and system trash. The system trash will display the trash of all system users. You can navigate between the two from the links on the far right hand side of the screen.



On the Trash screen are all the asset’s that have been deleted by you from the site. Displayed are their titles, asset types, the dates and times they were last edited, and their sizes. To the left of each asset’s title is a checkbox; more than one asset may be checked at a time. To permanently delete an asset from WebGUI, check the box and click on the “Purge” button. Understand that once an asset is purged it is completely removed from the WebGUI system and can not be restored. By default, WebGUI purges the trash after 30 days. Your system administrator can override this setting to store trash indefinitely.

To restore an asset to its original location on the site, check its box and click the “Restore” button. The content will be placed back on the site in its original location.

On the far right hand side of the screen is a link to the System Trash. The system trash is content deleted by all users on the site. If you can't find something in your trash, check the system trash as well (some system administrators may not allow you access to the system trash).

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