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Time Tracker



The Time Tracking System in WebGUI can be integrated with the Project Management System. This allows users assigned to projects and tasks in the project management system to report time spent on a project. Alternatively, the time tracking system can first be created and then projects manually added through it.

  1. Select the Time Tracker asset from the New Content menu of the Admin Bar.

  2. The “Add Time Tracker” screen will open.


  1. Give the system a title in the “Title” field.

  2. The “Menu Title” is the asset’s title as it appears in the site navigation. This field and the “URL” field can be left blank and WebGUI will fill it in for you.

  3. In the “Description” field enter text describing or instructing users on the system.

  4. At the bottom of the screen is the “Project Management Integration” field. Set this to Yes if you want the time tracker to automatically integrate projects and tasks already existing in the project management system.

  5. Set “Display” settings.


  1. Hide from navigation?: if set to Yes the asset’s menu title will be hidden from site navigation.

  2. Open in new window?: if set to Yes the asset will open in a new browser window when viewed directly.

  3. Display the title?: if set to No the asset’s title will not appear on the page.

  4. Style Template: select a style in which to view this asset. If the asset is part of a page layout the page layout’s style will override this.

  5. Printable Style: if the page is made printable a pared-down, printer friendly version of the page will be made available.

  6. Templates: The Default Time Tracker User View and Manager View templates are the templates used to display this asset. To alter the code for these, select the edit button.

  7. Default Time Tracker Row: default template used for building rows in this asset.

  1. Set security settings in the “Security” tab.


  1. Owner: this person has full editing and viewing rights of the asset. The owner is usually the person who created the asset.

  2. Who can view?: select what users can view the asset on the site.

  3. Who can edit?: select who can edit the content of this asset.

  4. Group to Manage Time: this group can view all times sheets and update completed time records.

  1. The Metadata tab is the standard Metadata screen common amongst all assets. If you need to handle metadata for the purposes of content profiling you can do so here.

  1. Click save to create the time tracking system.


Add Projects

  1. Click the “Manage Projects” link near the top of the time tracking system.

  2. The “Manage/Edit Projects” screen will open. Click the link in the text to add a project to the time tracking system.


  1. Enter a project title in the “Project Name” field.

  2. Select the resources (workers) who will be allowed to log time for this project (hold the control key down to select more than one).

  3. Enter a project task in the “Project Tasks” field, then click the Add button. Tasks will appear under this field once added.

  4. Click save. The “Manage Projects” screen will display, showing the project and tasks you just added. From here you may add a new project using the link on the far right hand side of the screen. When you’re done adding tasks, go back to the site using the Back to site link on the far right hand side of the screen.

When a user logs in, s/he may go to the time tracking system to log time spent on a project.


The user selects the date on which work was done, the Project worked on, and the Task worked on. In the Hours column the number of hours spent on the task are entered, and a short description of the work completed is entered into the Comments field. At the bottom of the time tracker is the save button, when the entry is saved the hours will update in the Total Hours field at the top of the time tracker. To delete a time entry, click on the red X at the end of a row.


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