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Polls are a great way to facilitate community interaction with your site. You can use a poll to get input on new products, services, or even what your new mascot should be named!

  1. Begin by clicking on “Poll” in the New Content menu of the Admin Bar.

  2. A new screen titled “Add Poll” will open.


  1. Give your poll a title in the “Title” field.

  2. Under “Title,” you will see another option called “Menu Title.” You can place a title here which will appear in the navigation; if you leave it blank, WebGUI will fill it in for you.

  3. In the “Description” field you can describe the purpose of your poll to your site users. This text will appear under your poll's title. You can also choose to leave it blank.

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see a field labeled “Question.” Fill in the question you are asking visitors to answer.


  1. In the larger field labeled “Answers,” list your answers, using a carriage return after each answer so they appear on separate lines.


  2. Select the “Display” tab at the top of the screen.

  1. From here you can choose to hide the title from navigation, open the poll in a new window, or display the title of your poll.

  2. You can also choose a different poll template and allow poll results to be displayed on the page.

  3. By choosing to randomize answers, poll answers will be listed in a different order for each visitor to the site, resulting in a more accurate poll response.

  4. The Security tab allows you to set a group who can vote, and the Metadata tab contains the standard fields.

  5. Select the “Graphing” tab at the top of the screen.


  1. If the “generate image graph” field is set to “Yes,” you can customize a graph based on the settings listed on the page. If the “generate image” field is left at “no,” a simple bar graph will appear.

  2. If you set the “generate image graph” field to Yes, choose to display results on a line, pie, or bar graph.


  1. When you have determined your settings, click “save,” and your poll will appear on your web page. When visitors vote, your results will be displayed using the graph type you chose.

Here are some samples of what the poll output can look like with graphs:


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