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The MultiSearch places a search box on your website that allows users to perform a search from a list of search engines from a dropdown menu.

  1. Choose the MultiSearch asset from the New Content menu of the Admin Bar

  2. The “Add MultiSearch” screen will open.


  1. Title your multisearch in the field labeled “Title.”

  2. The “Menu Title” is the title as it appears in the navigation. You can leave this blank and WebGUI will insert it for you (WebGUI will use the “Title” by default.

  3. The URL field may also be left blank. WebGUI will generate one for you.

  4. The “Description” field can be used to enter a brief explanation of the multisearch. This content will appear between the title and multisearch itself.

  5. Click on the “Display” tab to check your display settings.



  1. Hide from navigation?: if toggled to yes, the title of this asset will not appear in the site’s navigation.

  2. Open in new window?: if toggled to yes, a new browser window will open to display this asset.

  3. Display the title?: if toggled to No, the asset’s title will not appear on the page.

  4. Style Template: you may choose a style template in which to display your multisearch. Note that if a page layout template has been chosen, it will override the asset’s style template.

  5. Printable Style: if toggled to yes, a pared-down version of the asset will be made available for printing.

  6. Cache Timeout: allows you to set the cache timeout time.

  7. MultiSearch Template: you may choose a template to enclose your asset. This template will only be displayed in the asset’s namespace. So, if you have an article and a poll on the same page, the multisearch’s template will only affect the multisearch.

  1. Choose your security settings from the “Security” tab.



  1. Owner: the owner has full editing and viewing rights for this asset. Usually, the owner is the person who created the asset.

  2. Who can view?: if you need to limit who can view this asset, make a selection from the dropdown menu. If their are no viewing restrictions, leave the menu at Everyone. The Owner can always view the asset.

  3. Who can edit?: select who has editing rights from the dropdown menu. The Owner can always edit.

  1. The Metadata tab is the standard Metadata screen common amongst all assets. If you need to handle metadata for the purposes of content profiling you can do so here.

  1. When your content has been added and you have chosen all your settings, click save. Your multisearch will appear on the page.

  2. Users may select a search engine from the dropdown menu, enter a search term, and click “Search” to display the search results on the chosen search engine page.




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