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The Folder is a good way to store many different files and file types for easy download. The Folder asset can also be used to organize other asset types into a list.

  1. Choose “Folder” from the New Content menu in the Admin Console.

  2. The “Add Folder” screen will open.


  1. Give the folder a title in the box labeled “Title.”

  2. The “Menu Title” and “URL” fields can be left blank; WebGUI will automatically fill them in.

  3. The “Description” field can be used to give a description of what the folder contains. This will appear at the top of the list of files contained within the folder.

  4. At the bottom of the screen is the “What next?” field. This option only appears at the Folder creation stage, and tells WebGUI what to do after clicking “save.” Choose to either “Go to the new page,” or “Go back to the current page.”

  5. The Display tab contains the standard display options, plus a couple extra. Items stored in a folder asset can be sorted. In the “Sort Order” field, select if you would like to sort items in an ascending or descending order.

  6. If you want files in the folder to be listed alphabetically, go to the “Display” tab and set the “Sort alphabetically?” field to “Yes.”


  1. Under the “Security” tab you can set viewing and editing privileges for the folder.

  2. Under the “Metadata” tab you can enter a brief description of what this folder is, and choose to make a package or prototype, which allows the folder to be redistributed throughout the site without having to recreate its settings.

  3. Click “save” and your folder is created on the site.



  1. To place files in the folder, click on the “Add files” link under the title of your folder.

  2. The “Add a Pile of Files” screen will appear.



  1. Refer to the “File Pile” section of this book for details on how to use this screen.

  2. When you have finished uploading all your files, click “save.”


  1. The files will appear as a list of links for users to download. Each file has its own toolbar from which to manage individual file properties.


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