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Remove duplicate i18n strings  (#11713)

Go through i18n and remove all the duplicate strings.

9/8/2010 11:03 am
bartjol: so, I want to look for double English entries in wg8
bartjol: and compare whether Dutch translations are identical
bartjol: the structure hasn't been changed yet I hope?
preaction: bartjol: the end idea is that the WebGUI namespace should have all the common things. "delete" "add" "edit" "copy" "paste"
preaction: the single-word descriptions for links that everybody uses but are strewn about the i18n tree willy-nilly
bartjol: preaction: ok
bartjol: I'll stick with the short ones then\
bartjol: depends on how my script turns out
bartjol: but i also have to find all use in the code offcourse
preaction: bartjol: once you have the i18n key, you can use "ack" to get the places it's used. won't be entirely automated, but it'll work
9/9/2010 3:15 am
On a second run it found more duplicates, so the duplicates.txt file is deprecated.
English 19 duplicates total messages 9231 (wg8)
English ? duplicates total 9220 (wg7.9.13)
Dutch 22 total 10348 (wg7.9.13)
German 21 total 10212 (wg7.9.13)
Spanish 12 total 10137 (wg7.9.13)

So a cleanup there might not harm either, I suppose they are old messages that have not been cleaned after removal in English.
9/9/2010 6:07 am
I added a file with language tags that don't exist in English, but do in the foreign languages.
there are differences (if you look at the difference number between languages) with the numbers I put in my last post. For clearity, the ones in the post I got by:
grep -R message $languageDir

the one in the file I got by looping recursively through namespaces and tags and checking whether an i18n object could be found.

disclaimer not sure whether this script is getting it right, but the order of magnitude is ok

these are the results in number of tags not found in English per language (the "remove" part in the scriptname is desceptive, at the moment it just reports):
user@laptop:/data/WebGUI/sbin# perl |grep Dutch |wc -l
user@laptop:/data/WebGUI/sbin# perl |grep German |wc -l
user@laptop:/data/WebGUI/sbin# perl |grep Spanish |wc -l
9/9/2010 9:58 am
If you post the detecting script, I can have a look at it
9/10/2010 7:41 am
SquOnk: bartjol: At first glance, all seem to be duplicates except WebGUI.556 and Asset_Product.quantity
SquOnk: In spanish "cantidad" can be used to mean quantity, amount and number
SquOnk: So, depending of WebGUI.556's context it could be a duplicate
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